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At the Île-de-France Prehistory museum, we want to share the richness and diversity of our collections with as many people as possible … Do come and visit us!


pictogramme Fauteuil roulant

Reserved space in front of the museum and drop-off point.

Visiting conditions and accessibility

Picto fauteuil avec personne

The Temporary exhibition room and permanent collections are accessible to wheelchair users: access ramp with a slope greater than 6%.

Picto oeil malvoyants

The museum is only accessible to blind or partially sighted persons who are accompanied.

Visitor aids

Hearing impairment

Picto oreille + T

The audiovisual show displayed in room 4 of the museum ("Les chasseurs de Pincevent") is subtitled.

Mental or physical disability

Picto 2 visages

There are 5 touch and play boxes in rooms 2 bis, 3 bis, 5, 6 bis and 7 bis. They evoke in turn stone carving, bone work, woodwork, pottery and metallurgy.

Visual impairment

Picto oeil malvoyants

There are 5 touch and play boxes specially adapted for visitors with visual impairments in rooms 2 bis, 3 bis, 5, 6 bis and 7 bis.

In each box visitors can use their sense of touch to appreciate a raw material, a reproduction of a prehistoric object and mouldings of objects from the museum collections. Short texts in large characters and Braille describe the items in the touch boxes.


Pictogramme indiquant l'accessibilité des toilettes aux personnes handicapées.

Disabled toilets: bear right.